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Lono Group Ltd.'s in store product lines

Glock                    Buck Knives                           Adventure Medical Kits                

    Sig                       Primo           Sig knives                               

Hammerli                   Midwest gloves        Otis

Surefire Flash lights           Midwest Gloves


Safariland Holsters             Century               Goex Black Powder

Ruger                              Button Sling Bungee's                                        

   Walthers                      Aimtech                 Mossberg                            Sentry Safes   

Beretta               Code Blue                   Wally's Original Gun Cleaners                       

Smith and Wesson             Leupold                       Spot-Live to tell about it           Savage       

Armlite                              Bushmaster                                        

Taurus                            Blaser               LAR                    Del-ton        

Marlin                           Colt                Bushmaster                Remington                     Weathby

Federal                Winchester                    Hornady     

Kel-tec            Barnaul                         American Eagle

Fiocchi                     Daly                         Olympic                     Ruger            Calico         

McNett             Rite in the Rain- note pads and pens              

Lono Group Ltd.

5435 East Lake Rd.
Honeoye, New York 14471-9660
(585) 229-4882

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